Who are the SAMOs?

The genesis collection of SAMO NFTs consists of 5,525 randomly generated, custom designs on the Solana blockchain. As the launch collection of Samoyedcoin ($SAMO), each NFT features a charming Samoyed dog with a blend of unique attributes with as much personality as our fluffy white companions. Known for being social, loyal, and vocal, the Samoyed breed inspires our community and each NFT represents a commitment to onboarding & educating the next wave of Solana users, as well supporting those building on the Solana blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SAMO NFTs are there?


When is Mint?

January 31st, 2022

No utility at launch?

Your NFT will be required for entry to the SAMO DAO along with participation in Samo syndicates. In the mean time we encourage everyone to head over to Samo Stories! A place where you can tell the story of each and everyone one of your NFTs as well as read the stories written by other community members!

We are actively working on future NFT-utilities that do not risk making either $SAMO or SAMO NFTs a financial security and hinder our ability to be listed on exchanges. We owe it to the community to do this right, keeping SAMO - the fastest, greenest, cheapest to transact dog-coin - on its inevitable trajectory to the top and remain as the ecosystem's Ambassador.

Where will SAMO NFTs be listed after the mint?

Once the mint is complete, SAMO NFTs will be listed on Solanart NFT marketplace. Additional secondary-market listings will follow shortly thereafter.